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July 26, 2016
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Talents to Treasure

Coinciding with Lent Discussion Groups on a Celtic theme, Talents to Treasure was launched at St. Margaret’s Church, Wrenbury.

The Treasurer was persuaded to lend £20.13 to members of the congregation to use their talents to generate additional funds by various means and to present the results at Harvest Time.

Some went into manufacturing desirable objects of fabric, wood and card; some organising coffee mornings and other social events and the results have been impressive.

Over £1500 has been raised so far and that’s still growing!!!

Pancakes were tossed at Station House.

Liz Gentil opened up her new house to nice nosey neighbours and well wishers!!

Debbie has created some beautiful Cross Stitch Cards .


Roger has been locked in his woodworking workshop producing these beautiful pieces in yew, taken when the tree in the churchyard was pruned several years ago.


There has also been a very special extra Treasure produced from the very talented members of the Wrenbury Art Group.


This is a composite picture of 33 painted canvas panels using acrylics which make up a dramatic whole, drawing on Celtic symbolism whilst referring to Wrenbury and its environs.

Hilary Wood, a member of the Wrenbury Art Group and the designer unveiled the picture at Sunday’s Harvest Service and exclaimed “This has showcased the wonderful and exciting talents of local amateur artists to produce such a fabulous treasure for the Church.”

Ultimately the individual panels may be auctioned to raise further funds for the Church but, in the meantime, the painting is on display in St. Margaret’s Church, Wrenbury.

Enquiries : Christopher Hulland – Treasurer Wrenbury PCC

01270780988, chris.hulland@btinternet.com 

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