Baptism (Christenings)

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What is a Baptism ?

Baptism is a ceremony to welcome people of all ages into the Christian family - i.e. the Church. Jesus told us to be baptised (Matthew 28:19) - it is an opportunity to pledge our allegiance to God and receive his blessing.

Christening is the giving of a Christian name at the time of baptism.

What is Involved

There are two main types of ceremony - one for younger children who are pledged by their parents and one for older people who pledge themselves.

Both ceremonies use water to cleanse the people being baptised in the presence of God.

Babies and children under 12 have their head wetted in the sign of a cross as their guardians (parents and/or nominated friends and family) make promises to God about nurturing the child's future devotion.

Children over the age of 12 and adults are, with the support and care of their vicar, may be submersed as part of a ceremony. They make their own promises to God.

Who Can Be Baptised and/or Christened?

We welcome everyone who wants to join the Christian church.

A child's parents do not have to be married or be active church goers.

How do I arrange a baptism or Christening?

Contact the vicar of the church where you would like to be baptised or Christened. Contact details are available per church in the 'Churches' section of this website.

Alternatively, please send us your details and we'll get back to you ASAP. NB For urgent enquiries, please phone 01270 780742

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